My Short Essays

The first Amendment 1st Essay
If the freedom of Speech wasn’t guaranteed in America then everyday life would definitely change for the worse.  You would have to worry everyday about being accused of plotting against our government or criticizing the way it is run.  You couldn’t express your thoughts on the President if it was negative in any way.  It would be as if the government was controlling your words and public thoughts.  We would have no more debates or questions to the President during elections or in everyday speeches.  Problems would be solved by only the government and you wouldn’t be able to rise against their actions on wars and so on.  How would you feel if you had learn about the government and how it works when you couldn’t even give your opinions in class with everyone else?  No country should be run that way, the freedom of speech was designed to help us grow and learn from mistakes of others, even the governments mistakes sometimes.What could the newspapers print if we didn’t have the freedom of speech?  The government is very detailed and could easily pick out little things by the newspapers that could defy the government or criticize it.  Eventually newspapers would be too afraid of getting arrested or sued to print about everyday life and America’s opinions.  So as you can see losing our freedom of speech would not help out America in the slightest.

The first amendment 2nd Essay

I think my amendment is important because if the freedom of speech wasn’t around then most people with opinions wouldn’t be able to express their feelings about America’s government and how it is governed.  On television the Presidents are asked many questions by our country’s people.  If they were not able to express what they think the new president should or should not be doing, then what would happen to America?  Nothing would be right, the President might even take too much power on his or herself and run our country into the ground.  What I mean by running our country into the ground is the President may make the wrong decisions about what America’s people want and need.
If the President sent more soldiers into Iraq, if something happened in the U.S. then they would be far away and wouldn’t be able to protect us here from unknown disasters.  If the President made a bad decision on the war it may cause a bigger dilemma then what it originally was.  If we didn’t have the freedom of speech then the newspapers would almost be nothing to us or even the news on TV.  The point of spreading the news is for America to be able to express their thoughts on events and also on the government so that everyone can see it and give their own opinions on the topic.  No one would know what is going on in the world or know what other think about it, how can America ever be run like that?